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What you can do with a Corporate account

By registering with a corporate account your entity is able to manage its own services and offers in a single place (account). Your account shall help you originate offers, market, monitor and update/edit them at your convenience. As a corporate member of TheLead™ you'll always receive updates on the perfomance of your offers and services, view customers' views and ratings for those offers and always receive 24/7 support plus other special features, including:

Create your own offers and services

Upload your own offers and services at anytime. Manage and edit them at your convenience. You won't be limited at uploading your safari offers, accommodation facilities, events, car hire offers and any other services as TheLead™ shall allow.

View and edit content you have uploaded at anytime

At TheLead™ we understand that customer preferences shift as well as business. That's why with your corporate account you'll be able to view your uploaded content and make changes as time suites.

Upload your corporate/business name for identification with your services.

Our platform alllows customers to identify your services with your registered business/company name. This shall allow you maximize visibility, mileage and identification to also enable you monitor your offers easily.

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